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As one of the current fourteen states which have not expanded Medicaid, Georgia neglects many people who do not financially qualify for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). COVID-19 spotlights how not having access to preventative medical diagnostic tests can mean you do not know how vulnerable you are until suffering through an untimely and possibly preventable death. Also, Medicaid expansion allows many rural hospitals to remain functional such as remaining open for business, because it allows the hospitals to receive needed Federal funding. While Georgia's public rural hospitals are eligible to get funds from the state, this is not true for private rural hospitals. Another problem facing healthcare in District 158 is the inability to consistently access telemedicine by either ambulance services or residents in certain locations, because of unreliable Rural Broadband has not been adequately increased.


The need to increase Rural Broadband is what allows children to connect to the internet with computers. The COVID-19 outbreak displays that many children are unable to access school work at home, because of little if any Rural Broadband in their area. This is so simple but so necessary and can stop children from getting today's preparation for adulthood that allows them to fend for both themselves and their families in our time. 

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