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New Generation Open to New Vision


Ann is a Georgian. She grew up in southeast Georgia to a Louisiana born mother with Tennessee roots. Her father worked away and later joined them, because they both loved the South for quality of life as well as affordability. Even as a young girl, Ann involved herself in the growth of her mother's small business that required an "all hands on deck" approach. That meant answering telephones, dusting spaces before photo shoots, cleaning laundry, painting interior rooms, learning to compare vendor's offers, or sleeping on the floor of semi-enclosed worksites after doing homework with a flashlight.


Over a decade ago, after spending time outside of Georgia for both school and work, she returned home. Much of this time has been spent in the Jenkins County town of Millen, Georgia, where she moved. As a newer member of the community, she was struck that despite friendly people and natural rural beauty, it didn't offer what keeps a lot of natives from leaving. Although a number of reasons are given for people moving away, a troubling theme remains: Only after retirement, do many people feel financially secure enough to return home.


Rural Georgia is dying. We need a State Representative who understands the area cannot embrace and therefore fully engage in America's new century with halfhearted attempts at improving its viability. By addressing the dereliction of responsibilities owed House District 158, Ann P.D. Gleason is for allowing this region to be the livable place it is meant to be.

In order to save many of our rural hospitals and citizens, we urgently need expansion of Medicaid in Georgia. We need the internet! What economy can exist, let alone expand, without it? An affordable, reliable Rural Broadband is not a want but a must. We need our state leaders encouraging solar power that's good for farmers, creates jobs, improves the tax base and improves our energy economy. We need better transportation access in the non-metro Atlanta region of Georgia (our Georgia). We need to hold people in power accountable for providing fair elections.


Ann P.D. Gleason is capable of aggressively yet thoughtfully working with colleagues in a large city that allow these wants to be fully realized. This campaign's ability to put these changes in place is truly up to you, the voter. The choice is simple. Accept everything as it is today in our area or support a new vision for House District 158. The campaign would be honored if you joined us and cast your ballot for Ann P.D. Gleason in the November 2020 General Election.



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